High quality processes
for electroplating.

Advanced technology and experience
in surface treatment.

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Founded in Geneva, a city respectful of traditions and environment, PINO ALIPRANDINI SA is a family business
that allies flexibility, reactivity and excellence.
Flexible and human-sized structure

The company develops, manufactures and sells innovative and virtuous solutions for metal plating - gold, silver, platinum, palladium, bronze, copper and nickel. It also offers custom-built plating and electroforming machines and equipment systems.

About us
In a very demanding industry, watchmaking and jewellery companies find in PINO ALIPRANDINI SA a trustworthy partner for their most ambitious projects.

An efficiency that only Switzerland knows how to do.

A complete range of services including high quality surface treatment products, an unequalled spectrum of colour shades of precious metals, commercial solutions for personalized B to B services.

Research & development

Innovation, our strengh

As often in the history of mankind and innovations, intuition is at the origin of the most beautiful evolutions. However there is no intuition without experience or skill. That is Pino Aliprandini's strength.

Research and Development
The company

Reactivity and support

A flexible and human-sized structure, PINO ALIPRANDINI SA dedicates a professional contact for each customer and for each project. Your project is our personal matter. Our ability for an ultra-reactive production guaranties an unparalleled response time.