Hybrid ceramics


HYBRID CERAMICS (Hyceram, Luxon and LuxArt)

The concept is to fill in a pouch with hybrid ceramic (opaque or transparent) on all type of support, to harden it and then polish it to get the polished mirror effect that is desired.


Hyceram is composed of 60% ceramic and 40% polymers. Therefore, it is particularly resistant. For this reason, it is used in many luxury industries, such as watchmaking, jewellery, and engraving... to name a few.

In form of a paste (2 different viscosities: HV = High Viscosity and MV = Medium Viscosity), or of polymerised bars (to be turned), it can also be injected. Hyceram works like metal, it can be polished, filed and/or cut.


Lacquer containing 35% of ceramic.
Direct application from the cartridges.

Once the lacquer is polymerised, it is possible to rework on it (laser engraving, plating and crimping). 


Lacquer with transparent colours.

Ideal for window enamel techniques.
Ultra-shiny finish.