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A method, a vision, an efficiency as only Switzerland can do

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It was in Geneva, an international city that developed while respecting traditions and the environment, that Pino Aliprandini founded his company in 1977. The company has established itself as a market leader in the development and manufacture of electrolytic and chemical processes for surface treatment.

As often in the history of men and inventions, intuition is at the origin of the greatest advances. But it is not intuition without experience and mastery. This is the strength of Pino Aliprandini.

A young chemical engineer in a large electroplating group, he perfected the first thick deposit process.

This pioneer is already aiming for excellence, this alliance of know-how, innovation and efficiency that distinguishes Swiss industry.

At 32, Pino Aliprandini founded the family business, which, from discoveries to the development of processes, will pass through the generations.

If innovation is based on a taste for anticipation and hard work, Pino and now Christian, his son, give depth to the surface treatment, putting their passion and their heart in it.

Expert in precious metals chemistry, Pino Aliprandini SA and its international distribution network make your most daring projects personal.

The company

  • Based in Switzerland and family
  • A vision and a working method based on people and listening, made to last
  • An international distribution network reflecting family values


  • High added value of products
  • Application areas
  • Specificity of your production capacity:
    Responsiveness and ultra-fast because no planning

Research and Development

  • Timeline
  • New colors
  • Less toxic products


  • Ability to respond to any project
  • Turnkey solutions with machines, support and technical assistant